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World's finest Black Pepper

Hands down the best tasting pepper in the world.

Our special metod of granulation allows fewer cells to be crushed or broken thus retaining the natural oils and producing a pure and fragrant pepper with no  fillers.   

    8 oz /227 g  # 100921 -$13.95 (no tax)




8 oz /227 g # 100923   $14.95 (no Tax)

Rawleigh cinnamon is the highest quality Kolitji "A " variety.

A versatile spice can be used in many dishes, and has been proven to have many beneficial health  effects.




-prepared using  only premium spices.

Course ground, perfect for use on everything from beef, pork, chicken, fish and vegetables.

 A favourite for many years.

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Chocolate Pie filler and dessert Mix-18oz/454 g $12.95 (no tax)

A quick and easy way to satisfy your chocolate cravings. Enjoy the low calorie, non fat pie filling and dessert mix anytime.




Coconut Pie Filling and Dessert Mix 160z / 454 g..100930 .$13.50 (no tax)

Quick and scrumptious low cal, non fat dessert.



Lemon Pie Filling and Dessert Mix 160z / 454 g 100931 $12.95 (no Tax)

Quick and scrumptious low cal, non fat dessert.



Brown Gravy Mix... 12oz/341g #100927 Reg $13.95.. special$12.95 (non-tax)Just as tasty as from scratch without the hassle.

 This delicious mix is the easy, no lump gravy solution.

Chicken soup Mix ..11.4 oz/ 325g...100928... $13.95

Even grandma would be proud of this delicious soup!