Celebrating 127 years!

Welcome entrepreneurs !

Do you own  or wish to start a small business to increase your income or pay the utility bill.

Why not supplement your income with a small inventory of World famous Rawleigh products?

These products take very little space. Because of their time-tested reputation these products sell themselves.

This will also bring you additional business for your other lines.

No fees or memberships required.

Suitable for health food , drug stores, or basically any small business.

Great products for flea markets and fairs, and for family or fund raising groups.

As a bonus we will provide A FREE listing on this  site and provide referrals at our "listing of suppliers  section"  (with a one time  $150. order) or;

you may purchase a   listing for a very nominal fee of $40 (annual)

We guarantee you will receive calls as this site is listed high on many search engines. 

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Quantity Pricing Rawleigh Products.

Medicated ointment-(101073)

                                      Case of 12     #1001  (Save $24)       $143.40


                                               - 2 cases   #1002(save $60)       $274.80


                                                -5 cases   #1005 (save $237 )   $600.00



Antiseptic salve-(101070)

                                   Case of 12  -Offer #2001  (Save $24)       $143.40


                                         - 2 cases   Offer #2002(save $60)       $274.80


                                          -5 cases   Offer #2005 (save $237 )   $600.00



For  pricing  on other products or additional quantities call 1-866-225-3083 or email: customerservices@rawleigh-canada.com