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Rawleigh Double strength Vanilla-12 fl oz/ 360ml      (Use half what called for in recipe)                                                                                              

 Marketed for over 60 years, Rawleigh continues to use only the highest quality Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans to make this high grade extract. Economical because of low alcohol content, outstanding flavour and because you use half as much as other brands. #100909     $14.95            



Same qualities as DSA vanilla above but without dark coloring. Great for light colored foods and icings.   12floz/360ml #100917



Lemon flavoring.. fresh, zippy flavor comes from California lemon oil. Used for baking and fish dishes. A little goes a long way.
101922A  4 fl oz/118 ml   $8.95 



All Flavorings    2oz/ 60 ml          non taxable                                      Price $5.95

Order here-(minimum order any 2 flavorings)



black walnut  



butter rum







vanilla butter nut


                                          Brandy- 2 oz/60ml concentrated.