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In 1889 W.T Rawleigh began selling a small line of "Good Health Products" by horse and a mortgaged buggy. By 1922 approximately 20 million households contained Rawleigh Products. For more than a century, our families have come to rely not only on the quality and service, but on the exceptional ideals and principles on which the Company was founded. As Company associates  we are proud to carry on the tradition and supply the good old products that really work, as well as the latest new discoveries of natural formulas

The original Company was sold in 1989  after 100 years serving customers across North America, Australia, Asia,New Zealand and some European counties.

From that time until Sept. 2013 the Rawleigh product line was carried by the Goldenpride, Goldshield Elite and Vitamins Direct Companies and distributed through a multi-level marketing program along with other products. As of Sept 2013, these programs ceased to exist. Today the products are marketed on the internet and through independant distributors and businesses.