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Natural Health Formulas and Supplements.

Over many years the Rawleigh and Golden Pride research departments have developed top-quality products.

As leaders in cardiovascular health and general nutrition you can be assured that you are receiving the best products available.



Pulsate Plus

Pulsate Plus
® is an excellent foundation to any program by offering an entire spectrum of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant-rich ingredients in eight complete wellness blends
. Some of the key ingredients in
Pulsate Plus nclude: Sea Buckthorn, to enhance cardiovascular health and improve stamina and memory,
NatraStatin™ plant sterols, to reduce the risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol levels, and resveratrol, to provide anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.


This great tasting nutritional supplement contains the

focused nutrition of eight wellness blends including the most advanced cardio enhancement formula on the market worldwide.

Provides a concentration of herbs, Natra Statin and plant steroids.

Take one ounce in shot glass daily.

SKU /ITEM NUMBER 10137 30 fl oz/887 ml  -$69.95

ONE MONTH SUPPLY ( economical when this is all the supplements required as only a couple or three costs the same.



Formula#1 OC-Classic with fresh royal jelly provides 27 oz of honey, 18,000 mg of premium royal jelly,

a nutritious substance produced by young nurse bees that contains significant amounts of protein.

Customers have used this formula for over 20 years and swear by the results for great health.

 Formula #1 OC-Classic also contains honeybee pollen extract, EDTA, vitamin B12, and vitamin C for optimal health support.*

Serving size- 1 teaspoon (7g)

Servings per container 109

Calories 18*total carbohydrates 5g*sugars 5g*Vitamin C 175 mg*Vitamin B12  12mcg.

100843- 27 oz CAD $69.95      




  The best of the best!  REPLACES FORMULA ONE!
OC-MAX combines the incredible benefits  of OC classic with Natra-Statin plant sterols, Serrazymes, and three proven chelators, SHMP, sodium alginate and EDTA.,
 to provide a product with proven ingredients to prevent the risk of heart disease and lower total and LDL cholesterol.
  Item # 100838 120 caplets  $ 69.50. ( 2-3 month supply)


Rejuvenate Plus for Men

Made from natural ingredients like pumpkpin seed concentration, pygeum bark and saw palmetto seed extract, Rejuvenate® Plus for Men is the best men's health vitamin for men over 50. This bottle contains 60 capsules to strengthen your prostate and help boost energy and bring back vitality. It will revitalize and invigorate a man’s performance and health with the highest potency herbal extracts. * Some of the benefits include:

Reduce Inflammation of the Prostate: Rejuvenate Plus for Men reduces inflammation caused by the conditions of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)*

Support Prostate Gland and Improve Bladder: The ingredients found in Rejuvenate Plus for Men, support and improve the overall health of the prostate and decrease bladder disorders.*

Maintain and Balance Hormones: Saw Plametto, a key ingredient has shown to maintain healthy hormonal levels for ageing men. It helps increase sex drive and supports hair growth.*

Saw Palmetto, found in Rejevenate Plus for Men, also known as serenoa repens, is a palm like shrub that bears white flowers and berries. Traditionally Saw palmetto was used for treating urinary and prostate problems. Several reports and studies have shown that there are benefits to Saw Palmetto.*

Healthy Prostate:
According to a report by Mayo Clinic, Saw Palmetto supplements have shown to benefit men undergoing prostate surgery. It sped up the recovery process and also reduced the risk of bleeding. Saw Plametto has shown to also improve the overall health of the prostate. It is commonly used in treating symptoms of an enlarged prostate also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia.*

Urinary Tract Health:
The prostate surrounds the urethra and an enlarged prostate can cause bladder and urination issues as it can intervene in the transportation of the urine from the bladder to the penis. Saw palmetto can significantly improve the symptoms related to the urinary tract, says an article by G.S. Gerber who observed that urinary tract problems and saw palmetto are related.*

Increase in Fertility and Libido
Low testosterone levels are also associated with low libido in both men and women. Saw Palmetto stops the breakdown of the testosterone in the body and boosts libido. Sperm production is supported by testosterone; the lower the testosterone levels, the lower it results in sperm count.*

Hair Re-growth
Dihydrotestosterone are strongly associated with hair loss, in contrast to high levels of testosterone that result in hair growth. Saw palmetto helps decrease the level of digydrotestosterone and helps increase the testosterone levels.*

Saw Plametto has also been used for*

A key ingredient, Pygeum Bark, was traditionally used for treating symptoms of enlarged prostate. Pygeum contains certain chemicals that help shrink the prostate size to help relieve the pain and other issues such as poor urine flow. Research shows that taking pygeum in the form of a capsule along with ingredients such as pumpkin seed oil and saw palmetto has shown to decrease the number of times a person urinates in the night. *

Pumpkin seeds concentration contains healthy fats, magnesium and zinc which help improve heart and prostate health. The seeds themselves contain a lot of nutrients such as fiber, proteins, vitamin K, Manganese, iron and zinc among others.* Some of the benefits of pumpkin seeds extract include:

Nettle Root Extract offers many benefits for prostate as well. The plant, urtica dioica, was traditionally used for joint pain. Nettle root is today used for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia. The extract helps provide relief form the symptoms of the condition, such as frequent urination, or dripping post urination. It also helps relieve any pain that is caused due to the enlarged prostate in adult men. *

60 Capsules  $ 39.95    


We all know that roses are beautiful. But, did you know they are good for your health too?
 Rose hip (also spelled rosehip) is the fruit of the rose bush and one of nature's richest sources of the antioxidant vitamin C, an important nutrient that our bodies need every day.
 Antioxidants protect us against free radicals, and a Norwegian investigation shows that rose hips contain the highest amounts of total antioxidants among fruits and vegetables.
Recent studies also show improvement in pain reduction due to arthritis. Item # 100953 60 Vegecaps $29.95


Rejuvenate Plus for women.

A new and improved formula containing herbal extracts,  isoflavones, phytoestrogens, vitamins and minerals specifically selected to help the female hormonal system.

No soy. Contains black cohosh, dong quai, wild yam, as well as many others. Embrace the changes life brings with Rejuvenate Plus for women.

                                 60 Caplets #102035  $36.50

Flexezy provides around -the-clock support by delivering joint-lubricating

glucosamine and condroitin with an innovative patented "Phased control" technology!

It is expertly formulated with your joint health in mind to provide optimal support to help keep your joints moving freely

#102022  120 caplets  $49.95ea   (Special :  2 for $90.00)

A new and improved formula promotes greater mental clarity and enhanced concentration levels.
Its unique formulation includes ginkgo biloba,B vitamins,Lecithan and amino acids.
these nutients stimulate cognitive abilities and aid in alertness and clarity.

Item # 102040  60 caplets - $29.95 (NOT AVAILABLE. NEW PRODUCT ON WAY.)

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